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Fun in the Mud

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Published 09:38 on 7 Mar 2022

One of the least glamorous tasks at CBC is servicing our navigation poles and yesterday morning Lawrie Elliott and Campbell Calder set off to do a survey for this.

Our navigation poles are placed on the west side of the river to assist both our own yachts but also visiting boats sail safely in or out the river channel avoiding shallow areas. The RNLI also find them useful on their many visits to assist those who have become marooned on Cramond Island.

Normally we would only have a couple of poles to replace over a season however due to COVID it has been a couple of years since this task has been done and in that period we have lost four of the seven poles, two recently in the February storms.

In addition a new feature which has been causing some concern is a very large sandbank forming to the west of Cramond Island just on the west side or the river. We estimate that this is around 4 metres / 13ft above the seabed in this area. If it keeps growing we might be sipping G&Ts under the palm trees in a year or two!

Anyway enjoy the photo tour of the mud....

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