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Learn sailing and powerboating at Cramond!

The Cramond Boat Club is an RYA Recognised Training Centre approved to train club members in the two introductory levels and all five advanced modules of the RYA National Sailing Scheme. CBC also offers RYA Powerboat training for those aged 12 and above.

All instructors are RYA qualified and the courses all apply the club's approved child protection policy. Cramond Sailability have a full input to training.

Anyone who would like to learn to sail or drive a powerboat is welcome to join the club and take part in our training activities. If you are new to sailing, our Level 1 and 2 course covering the two RYA introductory modules is the ideal place to start:

Level 1: Start Sailing Covers the minimum knowledge required to get afloat under supervision.

Level 2: Basic Skills Develops your skills to enable you to to sail a dinghy on your own in fair conditions.

Similarly, the Powerboat Level 1 and 2 course offers the ideal introduction to powerboating, teaching launching/recovery, mooring and anchoring and all the other boat handling skills required to achieve a basic level of competence.

Apart from a small enrolment fee of around £20, CBC makes no charge to take part in its training programme. However, for insurance reasons, all trainees MUST be members of the club. Please see the Membership section on the General tab for details about membership categories and current subscriptions.


  • No special equipment needed, the club can supply lifejackets and any equipment required.
  • All you need initially are warm clothes, waterproofs, old trainers or dinghy boots. Changing facilities and hot showers are available in the clubhouse.

Training Module Request Forms

If you are already a member of the club and would like to indicate your interest in a particular RYA module, please download a copy of our Training Module Request Form, or pick up a copy at the clubhouse, and return it to the Training Officer (see General Page). The form also provides an outline of the individual RYA modules offered. The module request and enrolment forms are available at the bottom of this page.

Please note that CBC reserves the right to cancel any training module if insufficient enrolments have been received by 1 week prior to the start of the course. In such a case, any monies received will be returned.


Cadet Sailing sessions provide our under 18 sailing members with a regular slot in the club sailing programme. We hope to offer regular opportunities to get our younger members out on the water, put what you have been taught into practice, start racing and have some fun!

It's all about integration into the clubs main sailing programme, building on the good work of our Seamonkey Group which introduces and provides training for younger children. We hope Cadets will provide a regular opportunity for our mostly now teenage sailors, to continue to enjoy our sport.

Sessions take place throughout the sailing season and are usually held as part of the wider club Free Sail Sessions and Sunday dinghy racing series.

Who is Cadets Aimed At?

To take part in Cadet Sessions, you should be:

  • aged 10 to 17 yrs (approx, subject to experience).
  • have completed at least RYA Junior Stage 3 (or equivalent).
  • have enough experience to safely launch, sail independently and return and recover a dinghy on the slipway.

(Cadets must also be members of the Cramond Boat Club or be sailing as part of the Cramond Scouts activities).


Cadet sessions are organised by the Cramond Boat Club and jointly run and supported by the Cramond Scouts. Safety is key there will always be safety boats on duty to provide supervision during Cadet Sessions. Safety Boat Drivers are in charge on the water what they say goes. They will also be on hand at the start of the session to provide advice on if the conditions on the day are suitable for you to go sailing, depending on your level of skill/experience if you are not sure if you should go out please ask.

Parents should note that although safety cover is provided on the water, parents are responsible for the safety, supervision and support of their own child while on land.

Parental Support

Support from parents is essential. There will be a rota for a parent to act as "beach master" to help launch and recover boats, and to be on hand just in case anyone needs to come in early.

In addition, parents of younger children should be available at the start and end of sessions to help them take boats to the slip and back if necessary. Even though this age group have a little more experience - it's still very difficult for the younger ones to recover a boat on the slipway and drag it back to the dinghy park, particularly when they are very cold and wet!

That said please encourage the kids to support each other as much as possible.

Parents are actively encouraged to get involved - If you have an RYA Power Boat Level 2 or Safety Boat Certificate, and are willing to be included on a rota to provide Safety Boat cover, either as helm or crew, please email and let me know as soon as possible.

If you don't have much experience, don't worry we will team you up with an experienced driver who will give you an opportunity to practice and build your skills.

There may also be future opportunities for parents / helpers to undertake training to support the activities let us know if you are interested and we will keep you informed about future training dates.

Other Activities and Opportunities

Older more experienced Cadets are encouraged to take part in any of the Cramond Boat Club's activities published in the Club handbook - these events are open to all members.


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