Pursuit Race Instructions

CBC Club Pursuit Series Sailing Instructions (revised 2009)

1.       General

1.1         These sailing instructions refer to the Cramond Boat Club Pursuit Races and supplement the general Club Race Series instructions.  The instructions specified in the latter, under the following headings, remain unaltered.

1.      General

2.      Conditions of Entry

3.      Safety

4.      Communications with Competitors

2.       The Course

2.1         The course will be displayed on the notice-board, along with the name of the Race Officer, at least 30 minutes before the published (or revised) start time of the race.

2.2         The course will correspond to a set of marks that are to be sailed in sequence in a repetitive fashion.  The number of laps will be limited only by the race duration, which shall be posted alongside the course details.

2.3         The race area and the positions of the marks available for specifying the course are as shown in the attached chart

3.              The Start

3.1         The General Starttime will be as published in the Club Handbook, unless it has been amended in the approved manner.  This time corresponds to the start time for the slowest boat, as specified by the start sequence listing, which shall be posted along with the course details on the notice-board.

3.2         The start sequence list will specify the time at which each boat in the racing fleet is to start, relative to the general start time.  These Specific Start times will be calculated on the basis of handicaps, slower boats starting first with the time differences corresponding to their handicap applied to the overall race duration.

3.3         The minimum number of boats required in the starting area for a race to be started is two.

3.4         The start line will be between Mark A and channel marker post 4, lying on its western side. The Race Officer where circumstances dictate may use an alternative start line after ensuring all competitors are advised.

3.5         If post-4 is not in place, a buoy will be substituted so as to mark that extremity of the line.

3.6         There will be no visual signals for the start procedure.  Sound signals will be made under the responsibility of the Race Officer from a Committee Boat.

Starting Signals

3.7     The warning signal will correspond to 3 sounds, the first of which will be made 6 minutes before the general start.

          The preparatory signal will correspond to 2 sounds, the first of which will be made 3 minutes before the general start.

          The general start will be indicated by a single sound.

          Specific start times will be indicated by further single sounds, in a sequence as stated on the posted listing.

4.       Finishing

4.1     The race shall finish at the time specified after the general start and will be indicated by a single sound.  At this time the relative positions of the boats shall determine the results of the race.

4.2     Short Laps.  As the end of the race is approached, if, in the judgement of the Race Officer, the boats are estimated likely to be sailing a windward leg at the finish time, the Committee Boat shall take station at the mark preceding the windward leg, ahead of the first boat to arrive there, and shall signal a course change.  This course change shall be signalled by hoisting an Orange Flag and a sound signal. The flag will remain hoisted until the finish of the race.  The course change shall leave unaltered the rounding of the mark but shall require boats to then return to the previous mark, which will also be rounded in the specified manner.  These two marks will continue being circled in this fashion until the finish signal is given.  During such a period of short laps, boats passing in opposite directions shall maintain their proper course.

5        Protests

5.1     Completed protest forms must be handed to the Race Officer within 1 hour of the finishing time.

6.       Handicaps

6.1     The handicap assigned to each boat will be determined by the Sailing Committee or a sub-committee thereof.

6.2     The basis of the handicap system will be the listing published by the Forth Yacht Clubs Association or, if a boat is not included in the FYCA list, the Portsmouth Yardstick.