Dinghy Sailing Instructions

CBC Dinghy Points Series Sailing Instructions (revised 2014)

1.      The rescue boat driver or OOD (usually the same person) will decide the course and announce it to the fleet approx 15 mins before start.

2.      Yacht racing is organised separately and posted on the club notice board, so ensure you check the correct course with OOD.

3.      The position of club race marks is noted in the handbook and on the club website.

4.      If the OOD is a dinghy racer they may claim average points for the number of starters in the race, up to 2 times per series or once if only 2 or 3 races to count.

5.      The start line is between the rescue boat and a nearby mark, crossing in the direction of the first mark.

6.      Typically start times will be 10 mins after the yachts but may be brought forward or delayed at the discretion of the OOD.

7.      The start sequence will be as follows, with no visual signals:


Minus 5 minutes4 sound signals
Minus 4 minutes3 sound signals
Minus 1 minute2 sound signals
Start1 sound signal


8.      The finish line is between the same mark as the start mark, and the rescue boat, to be crossed from the course direction.

9.      The race may be shortened at any mark of the course at the discretion of the OOD.  If possible flag 'S' will be flown or verbal warning of shortened course will be given. The finish line will then be between the rescue boat and a nearby mark, which may be different to the start mark.

10.The OOD will try to take finish times but rescue will always take priority.

Therefore : all competitors are urged to take their own times as back-up.  If the correct placings cannot be established to the satisfaction of the competitors, and ultimately the OOD, the race will be declared abandoned.