Programme is available in the Calendar.

Errors may occur in the published programme, and dates or times may be altered throughout the season. Changes will be displayed on the club notice board. Tides in the sailing program are shown in local time and heights are at Leith. Minimum height for racing is 4.6m.

C.B.C. Events

Series races take place over one tide starting and finishing at Cramond, normally around the CBC race marks shown on the chart here.

A              Cruiser Spring Series

S              Cruiser Summer Series

B              Cruiser Autumn Series

W             Cruiser Saturday Series

DA-DE       Dinghy Series 1-5

FB            Dinghy Winter 'Frostbite' Series

Long Distance races take place over two tides but do not always start or finish at Cramond.  Some races involve overnight stops.

LD            Cruiser Long Distance Series

Pursuit races have a staggered start, the slowest boats starting first.  The winner is the leading boat after 71 minutes.  Dinghies and cruisers race together, with results calculated separately.

PA                 Cruiser Pursuit Spring Series

PB                 Cruiser Pursuit Autumn Series

PEN               Dinghy on-off Pursuit Pennant Race

DPB               Dinghy Pursuit Autumn Series

Ladies Race  Pursuit race in which the helm must be female

Master Marineris a long-distance race in which skippers must work out the best course for their yacht around a given list of marks.

Open / Closing Cruisesare open to all, involving a cruise to Aberdour with dinner at a hotel and an overnight stay onboard.

Family Fun Dayis an opportunity for members to bring down friends and family for a fun day out on the water in either dinghies or cruisers.  Depending on the weather, a BBQ on Cramond Island or at the clubhouse will be provided.  Arrangements will be made to pair up people without access to a boat with skippers who have free spaces onboard.

Free Sailsare open sessions for dinghy sailing when rescue cover is provided from the start time until at least an hour after HW.  Any competent member may take out a club dinghy (subject to availability).  Instructors will be on hand to assist if necessary. 

Open Events

These events are open to members of CBC and other clubs.

East Coast Sailing Weekis a major yacht race event with entries from clubs throughout the east coast of Scotland and north-east of England, based this year at Granton on the Forth.

The CBC Jubilee Regatta is a special event to mark the 75th anniversary of the club's first regatta in 1935.  It is open to all dinghies and keelboats.

The CBC Regatta is open to all dinghies and keelboats, and incorporates the Cramond Sailability Trophy for the best-placed sailor with a disability.